Always Give Back (AGB) was founded in 2021 with the primary mission of donating gaming PCs to disabled veterans.

Our mission has always been to pay it forward for all the sacrifices our Veterans and Active Duty members have made.

Since 2021, AGB has provided more than 50+ high-end custom-built PCs. It's not just about gaming. These computers help Veterans in so many ways from continuing their education to earning extra income rebuilding a sense of community through live streaming. AGB gives them the tools to do it right the first time. In 2023 AGB expanded its scope to Active Duty members. It wasn't enough for us just to build PCs we wanted to do more.

With our communities support we expanded to start Active Duty member projects & Care Packages:

We put together and send care packages to Active Duty members and units overseas to send a little piece of hope and support to those volunteering to keep us all safe.

Giving back in our eyes isn't just about the Military Members : Our community members are the true hero here. The support year after year has helped us reach our dreams of growing the vision of AGB. Without them our founder would still be writing a donation check every year. We do as much as we can to thank our community from live events to giveaways.